Day 2 in Portree - First day's work... which way is up?

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Day 2 in Portree

Early start this morning, at 7 (start work at 7 that is). Got up, got dressed, went downstairs to get a cup of tea and cereal, then I pretty much was shown how breakfasts work. Then when breakfast is done, and people leave for the day, it's on to cleaning the rooms.

That was my morning. Then I was allowed a break and I'm back to work at 4. That's when the paperwork is done.

I had a quick shower, rang my mother to see how they are doing (and to wish my dad a happy fathers day), then put on a bit of makeup and went for a small walk. I had to figure out how to get into Portree myself, but it wasn't too difficult, just a ten minute walk. I went to the harbour to have a nose and then to the co-op to get some food.

(Photos are my own, please do not copy!)

It's only half three and I'm already shattered! At least this evening will be a little easier, hopefully no running around like a mad-woman!

Just got to think this is only for a few months, three at the most, it'll be done quickly and I'll have saved up money for my Master's Degree, as well as gained experience and visited Isle of Skye!


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