One of my Dream Destination - Hawaii

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Everyone has dreams and when their dreams come true it is the greatest feeling in the world.

I love travelling, learning different cultures, seeing the best places of the world. My dream is to visit 7 wonders but apart from 7 wonders i have few dream destinations and Hawaii being one of them. Yes my dream came true on 16th Dec 17 when i visited Hawaii located right in the heart of Pacific Ocean. I and my partner choose to visit Honolulu, Oahu Island we were staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village is a unique property in itself. And of course the first thing one learns to say is Aloha.

The top 5 things we could do:-

1. Pearl Harbor

Located on the island of Oahu, Pearl Harbor is a world-recognized attraction that was once host to the tragic events of the bombings that took place during World War II. This site is also the location of the USS Arizona Memorial and I am convinced that touring this site would be humbling yet extremely rewarding experience. While the actual harbor is fairly large in size, the Visitor’s Center and USS Memorial are the real tourist spots.

2. Hawaiian Beaches

Without the experience of Hawaiian beaches it wouldn't be a trip with golden sand and deep blue water. The beautiful sun rise to sun set. Beach lovers you have it all in one and many beaches around few famous to name is the Waikiki beach on Oahu, North Shore and Lanikai beach and if you like to snorkeling with turtles.

3. Submarine Tour:

We chose the world’s largest hi-tech passenger submarine Atlantis XIV, which holds a whopping 64 passengers. Only 10% get a chance to descend and touch 110feet underwater is an adventure in itself. Also to see real marine life so close an eye opening experience that take you beyond the classroom to learn about corals, reef life and submersibles and visiting sunken airplanes, shipwrecks and artificial reefs.

4. Shrimp Trucks:

The food truck trend has been sweeping the US for the past couple of years, Oahu has been dishing up mobile delights for more than two decades in the form of shrimp – garlic-butter shrimp to be precise.

I tried the spicy garlic shrimp. Fresh Tiger prawns as I would call it was heavenly. Simple food served with rice and salad but the shrimps are to die for. Not to be missed.

5. Tour of Oahu Island:

It was a good idea to tour the whole island stopping at the famous locations. We covered many beaches and the famous Diamond head. It is hickers rejoice breath taking views overlooking Pacific Ocean and Honolulu. Cannot miss the Hawaii is the macadamia nut capital of the world, growing 90% of the world's macadamia nuts. One of the first things a traveler to Hawaii notices on their arrival at the airport or first visit to any convenience store is the huge displays of macadamia nut products, such as gift packs of dry roasted nuts, chocolate covered nuts and my favourite caramel macadamia nuts. The Pineapple plantation tour was a good experience to learn about the unique agriculture heritage with every household distributing bag of mangoes during the mango season for free.

I have been fortunate to see paradise on earth and would highly recommend to definitely visiting Hawaii someday.

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