Travel & earn money with automated Bitcoin trading platform. Plus side job & more.

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Video I made of automated trading platform making about 1.25% returns each day. Working great since Nov 2020.
Basically 10k estimates to make 125$ a day, or 625$ over 5 days and 2,500$ month.
5k would make about 60$ day, 312$ per week and 1250$ per month.
2500$ makes 30$ a day, 155$/wk or 725$ / month.

This is just like having a second job basically.
Before you signup, contact me to learn some of the ins and outs of the platforms or if you have any issues / questions.
Video below of the back office.

CashFx affiliate link:
Videos for info on platform:

Global Capital Limited:

I made this video for a friend but it still applys here.

If your looking for a platform to buy and sell bitcoin, Binance is a well known platform.
This link saves you 10% on trading fees also: