Pausetoroam travel post #6 - Moraine Lake

in travel •  last year

Time to take it home! I may be biased, but there are few things more beautiful in this world than the natural beauty of Canada. I took this shot on a road/ camping trip to see the Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta. While Lake Louise may be more famous, I would argue Moraine Lake is where it's really at. Enjoy steemit :)

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I've been there too, loved it. That picture is also on Canada's Lonely Planet. Nice one!


Thank you! It's beautiful there isn't it? I'll have to see if I can find the Canada Lonely Planet photo!

This looks insane! That water?!!! Stunning!!


Gorgeous hey? When the sun comes out it's incredible!

I love it there!! I lived in Banff for a while!!


Oh lucky! It is so beautiful, I wish I had a chance to head up to Jasper as well.