Banz Castle (Abbey) - Bad Staffelstein (Bavaria, Germany)

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I was dining out lately with family at the restaurant at the Abbey Banz also known as Banz Castle which has been part of Bad Staffelstein since 1978.

It's a town located north of Bamberg in southern Germany.

In this post I'll share some pictures of the Castle with you and a some background information.

The abbey was founded in 1070 by the Countess of Schweinfurt and the Count of Habsburg-Kastl.
They only accepted members of the nobility as monks until 1575.

The abbey had to be rebuilt after the so called Thirty Years' War, which happened between 1618 and 1648.
They started doing so in 1698 and the church was consecrated in 1719 and did not get saved from secularisation and dissolution in 1803.

After that in 1813 Duke Wilhelm acquired the abbey premises and thereafter it was known as Banz Castle.
He sold it later in 1933 to the Community of Holy Angels and order of the spiritual care of expatriate Germans.

In current times the castle has been in possesion of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, which is an organisation associated with the CSU politics party.

Source of information:
Photos: taken by me


Hi @patrizius92

People here are very strict when it comes to plagiarism. I don't disagree... after all it is against the law.

If you want to use content from another website, it's best that you put a '>' and a backspace in front of it.
It will then look like this:

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You also need to add the full link to the page where you got the info from. 'Wikipedia' is not enough, it should be the full link to the exact page. In this case you should have mentioned your source like this:

Don't let it get to you. We've all made the same mistake at one point in time. It's part of the learning process.

If you want to share information from an external source, you could use the Dlike app ( It allows you to share a link. With it, you could share your thought about it, your review or something else that is originally created by you.

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Look at it from the bright side: you learned something new today 😉

Thanks Mike that was actually a helpful post. 🙂. I just wish the poster before could have directed me in a right way like you. I am happy that you are encouraging new users.

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It's just a standard comment they leave. They do have a link in there that redirects to what the 'rules' are.

I really need to get up that post with links to this kind of articles, so people who are new can inform them... I'll try to find some time to do so in the next couple of days
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You are a crypto-enthusiast but you copy-pasted an article without giving credit.

I shortened some information from wikipedia if that is what you are talking about?

Of course I have to get some facts from somewhere...

The pictures are all original content taken by me and as I said text is rewritten and shortened also done by me.

I Would like to know what the deal is with you.

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State the Sources, thats the deal.

Well I accept the criticism and agree with you to some extend, I‘ll keep it in mind with further posts.

But I think downvoting me was not necessary, as you see I am human person behind the screen and it’s possible to discuss with me.

I hope everything‘s fine now.

Have a good day.

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