Sacramento Trip, Part Three: Orphan Breakfast

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What a weekend. I worked at the hospital Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and still feel exhausted from doing extra work to make-up for the high acuity on the unit. On the bright side, I may qualify for conversion to a benefited position and already emailed the union, my manager, and the director of nursing.

Anyway, the exhausted weekend just makes me appreciate my relaxing, fun weekend in Sacramento the previous week. So on to part three...

Part two ended on Friday night, and part three begins Saturday morning. We woke up and showered between 8 and 9am (don't quite remember). Since check-out was scheduled for 11am, we decided to soak up our remaining time and do a late breakfast after check-out so we did not have to worry about coming back in time. We took a couple more photos (including some outdoor photos against the brick wall of the house) and then worked out the schedule for the rest of the day. Our final itinerary included breakfast at Orphan Breakfast House, a visit to the Cal Auto Museum, a trip to the movies (Joker), and an early dinner at The Porch before driving home.

We ended up checking-out a little early and headed to Orphan Breakfast House, which was only about 10 minutes away. The restaurant is located in the middle of a neighborhood, on the corner of a residential block.

I already knew what I wanted before we were even seated because I had seen the menu online, so I was eager to order. I started with an iced chai latte (the server heard 'whole milk' instead of 'oat' milk at first, but luckily I confirmed my non-dairy choice before he left) and then the pumpkin pancakes.

super yummy

My boyfriend ordered the breakfast burrito, and I only got one blurry photo of it before he tore into it.

I had a bite of the burrito and it was really good too

the chef challenge menu

They also included veganized versions of their regular menu items on the challenge menu:

the tamales and papas loco sound really delicious, too

A cute location, but unfortunately the parking rules are weird (no park zones and permit parking zones, but on a residential street) and we ended up getting a ticket. We didn't see the informative signs inside the restaurant until we were well into our meal, which I am guessing is what happened to the people parked behind us who also had a ticket on their windshield. We would not let that ruin our mood, however, and we left for our next stop, the Cal Auto Museum.

I am ending part three here, because I took a lot of photos at the car museum and my eyes are too fatigued to go through them all right now. I hope those of you who have been reading these updates have enjoyed them so far, because I have at least one more to go (maybe two). The positive responses I have received from this community on my posts have been so surprising and humbling, and I thank you all for the warm welcome you have shown me since I joined the summer.

Thank you!

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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Awesomely delicious food - just yummy

SUPER yummy.