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Origins of Talbona

300 years ago, seven families settled around a pond in the Bengal jungle, Talbona was born.
All the inhabitants are Hindu and Krishna is the deity of the village.
A Brahman from a nearby village comes every day to make pujas.

All the villagers are farmers, rice is the main agriculture of the village. 2 harvests per year, the rest of the time, potatoes and mustard are grown for the manufacture of the oil.

Every day it's the same thing, the pace of the village is the same, 6 am up, the women prepare a meal. The men then go to the fields to work, they come back 6 hours after for the meal, it's a rest until 3 o'clock. the men go back to the fields and come back for 6 pm.
then the men gather, discuss, the women do the same thing.
8 pm it's time to go to the temple until 9 pm for the meal.

The villagers of Talbona are poor, the rice is sold 60 centimes euro per kg that is not enough to live.

Talbona youths all dream of working in the administration or going abroad to help their family.

But to work in the Indian administration it is often necessary to give a large sum of money to get this work, corruption is very important and everywhere

Going abroad is often for the gulf countries, getting a visa for Europe or the USA is almost impossible.

Gulf countries practice slavery, Indians or Nepalese who leave for Qatar or Saudi Arabia are treated like dogs and work in horrible conditions for not much

If the Indians are of Muslim religion have some advantages, but if they are Hindu they are slaves. I had many testimonies in Nepal, Nepalese people told me that if they convert to the Muslim religion their working conditions is a little better

All the young people of Talbona dream and all want to try their luck.
In the next publication, I will tell the stories of my friends, my brothers.

following at the next publication

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