Sex workers in South East Asia: Fun, games & exploitation (video/podcast)

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You walk down Changkat Road in Kuala Lumpur, and you see a group of lovely Khmer and Vietnamese women on the side of the street. Whether you try to avoid them or try to escape them, they will get near you, asking "Massas? You wan' massas?" and if you give them half a chance, they will tell you how much they want you, and whisper offers of certain services.

You keep walking, and make it to the bars, with chairs and tables in the street. A beautiful Ugandan woman reaches out her hand and says "Hey baby!" You might wish she were just being friendly, but experience tells you otherwise, and her glare signals that she's thinking more about your wallet than your character.

For some of these women, they might enjoy their jobs and be paid well, receiving money from tourists willing to have a good time. For others, they might have been charmed into it by foreign men of low moral fibre, promising work as a waitress or a dancer in fine Malaysia, only to find a job of a different nature, with the worst boss of their lives.

Join Kurt on a trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia as he comes across an alienating world of beauty, risk and debauchery in the next episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Title photo credit on Pixabay - Klaus Haussmann (NSFW)

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its sad that in modern time sex slave trade still exist and worse for those women who were lured from their countries in the name of good job to end up here

This will always happen even 1000 years from now. Human nature to do such things in taking advantage of others. Hopefully these women will earn enough to escape from the present circumstances.

That is crazy mate...