Come Spend A Day With Me In Raleigh, NC! || Dtube Travel Vlog

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I am back in NY, and here is this mini vlog I promised you all. Thanks for the warm welcomes, it means a lot to be back and making videos again. My time in NC was very eye opening, and also something I really needed. The city (NYC) can be SUPER overwhelming sometimes, with the traffic, no parking, noise, over population. It was great to visit another city but just quieter, cleaner, and less populated.

As you all know Spencer and I have been planning a move, hopefully by November we can make it happen!

Love ❤️,

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Great job paola. What was wrong with that coffee? Lol at least well be a lot closer distance wise 😁

Haha thank you 🤗
His coffee was so strong haha mines tasted better ;)

Hola amiga, ahora te conozco por foto eres muy hermosa, saludos y espero que tengas mucho éxito en tu día a a día, saludos desde Venezuela. @paolajane

Hola Perla, gracias por tus lindos commentarios!! Saludos, espero que estén bien <3

Great video. It looked like you are really enjoying your time

Good one indeed and you are getting there

Really nice place to be, and lol, I guess the coffee was not just it; though I like the design on the top, it's really cool. Hope you had an awesome time there. Thanks for sharing

Haha the coffee was too strong!! thanks for watching!

Lol, you're welcome to my 👍

Hi Jane, How are you doing? Come and visit Thailand^_^

OH I would love tooo!!

Hi You guys look so cute together :) 0:49 when you smile and look at your boyfriend is so cute. Look like a very nice city or your vlog make it look cozy :)

Thanks so much for watching!!! <3 Raleigh is VERY cozy haha

Raleigh, NC born and raised here. But now in Charlotte.