<A place to visit when you come to Korea> Ep.5 korea traditional house "Seoul Hanok village"

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Hi i'm @pald !
the place to introduce is Hanok Village.
Hanok is a traditional Korean house. those houses are well preserved.
It is a place where you can feel the nostalgia of Seoul.

if you want to come, visit this website. This homepage provides details of how to come.


other languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese are also provided.
then, I will introduce you to the pictures of the Hanok Village and introduce the knowledge I know!


it looks amazing, right?
these days, buildings are built in Western style, so we can not see traditional houses unless we go to museums.
Therefore, you must visit this place where hanok is well preserved.


this is a description of the structure of Hanok.
korean ancestors valued life with nature.
So, Hanok is a harmonious house with nature.
Ah! Those descriptions are from the link. Because it's a professional explanation, read it if you're interested!


this is the place where foreigners come from, the camera is essential, right?
if you take a picture with a nice hanok, the photo is very meaningful.


there are places where you can sleep in the hanok. If you can afford it, you should try to experience it.

there are many things I can not explain. If you come to Seoul, I hope you visit the Hanok Village!

Thanks for reading :)


Very beautiful :)

Elrond Huston Aka ehuston

Wow! Thanks your repile!

요거요거 영어는 못하는 저이지만 ㅋㅋ한옥마을 소개하는 글이죠?^^
한옥마을 안간지 오래됐네요~저도 언제한번 가야겠어요 ~ 우리 한옥이 참 예뻐요~

네 맞습니다^^ 꾸준히 한국에 좋은 여행지 소개하려고요! 영어 번역기해서 한번 해보세요! 저도 어려운 문장은 번역기 보고 혼자 고치고 ㅋㅋㅋ하고 한답니당

What a very beautiful village! It would be so lovely to take a walk there and take pictures by the way love your pictures🕊

If you love walking, here's the best!
Thanks friend :)

Looks like dramas :D I really like its. It is amazing, thanks for share!

Thanks your comment :)

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