Back in Zanzibar, Time to get back to Steemit!!!

in #travel4 months ago

I have been back in Zanzibar for almost two months now and life is starting to slow down.


So it has been an eventful time being back in Zanzibar. Going from just another guy at the center to working as an operational manager has quite a bit of extra's...

So now that I have found my feet, I have found a house (Moving into my second one.... a story for a different day.) I have gotten Two puppies (I only have one left... a lot of stories to tell) and I have met someone new...

It finally feels like my life is back to where I want it and I'm probably the healthiest I have ever been. Life is good in Zanzibar. Here are some photo's and starting tonight I will be getting to all these stories. So for now, Hallo again!!!








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