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How do we define time?


All animals except humans live in a continued present and they have no sense of distinctions of the past present and future.

Humans have a different consciousness of time that makes then unique and distinguishes them from all forms of lower creations.
There are quite many theories about time dating hundreds of year back to modern day scientific explanations.
Fatalism is whatever will happen in the future is unavoidable.
Others pose the question as to what will happen if everything everywhere was ground to a halt.
What if people froze in mid-sentence or in movement, what if planets froze in mid-orbit. What if the universe ceased for a period of time!
The theory is yes it is possible!
Reductionism and Platonism
Plato and Newton equate time with an empty container, into which thing and events may be placed, the container exists independently of what is placed in it. It may also stay empty if nothing is placed in it.
Aristotle claimed that time is dependent on change. He defined it as: " a kind of number of change with respect of before and after". It means that time is a kind of order.
Another concept of time is that time is by definition nothing more than a system of temporal; relations among things and events, with or without change, but it does not really make sense.
Fatalism is another theory.
There exist now proportions about everything that might happen in the future
Every proposition is either true or false.
Some theorize that time can be represented by a straight line, buy a line has a shape, shapes are used in lineform even in the creation of art pieces. The question is then what shape can be given to this timeline that can represent time? It concerns topology or structure of time.
Another question is asked has time then got a future, Yes it has to have a past present and future.
Time has many definitions but my concern is about the time allotted to me in this lifetime and perhaps beyond life.
All the theories, writings, time management training has only one goal the management of personal time for each person.
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It is a gift to all living and is of utmost importance if used wisely for happiness success and personal growth.
It is the individual responsibility of each person to use the past in the present to plan for the future, a future that may or may not be.
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I absolutely love this article and the way you can spend time is just astonishing !!
The connection of past, present and future is even more interesting.
When you just sit down on your bed and think about it...
Its mind-blowing...


Thank you so much for your remarks.