Visit Laguna Big Pond on your trip to San Andres

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Visit Laguna Big Pond on your trip to San Andres

Visit Laguna Big Pond on your trip to San Andres and know Big Pond on your trip to San Andres
Islands and enjoy the flora and fauna in the Big Pond or La Loma Lagoon. do as soon as possible your flight reservation and hotel or full package to Big Pond on the beautiful island of San Andres.

Congratulations !! … hello my faithful readers who like to travel and know the world, now starting this 2019 I continue with the theme of this tourist destination for excellence and pride of the Colombian people, as is the beautiful island of Andres with all its attributes of sun, sea, and landscape of coconut trees and white sand beach. On this occasion, I am writing about the so-called Big Pond lagoon or lagoon of La Loma in San Andres.

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Visit Laguna Big Pond on your trip to San Andres — How to get?

There is no problem how to know how to get to Big Pond … the easiest way is to do it from the North End, you take the highway 20 de Julio and I assure you that in less than twenty minutes you are enjoying this paradise, either Do it on foot, by motorcycle, bicycle or horseback … this depends on your tastes and budget for you to reach the destination that is approximately five kilometers from the North End center in San Andres.

Visit Laguna Big Pond on your trip to San Andres — How is it?
This site is located in the highest part of the island is literally the meeting point of several natural trails that offer tourists the beautiful landscape of lush fruit trees that with the smell of ripe fruits offer the tourist a delicious aroma and perfumed and at the same time the view is recreated with the beautiful vegetation that makes its soil a beautiful and green natural rug, which makes the visitor come into direct contact with nature.

The lagoon of the hill or lagoon big pond in San Andres offers the tourist a beautiful natural landscape with its view of crystalline and calm fresh water coming mainly from the natural rain that falls and fills a surface of 400 by 150 meters where they inhabit great quantity of turtles that sporadically poke their heads and return immediately to the depth of the lagoon, as well as alligators, so it is not recommended for bathing tourists, who prefer to bring bread or other foods to entertain feeding them .

As for the fauna of the region, we can observe how the skies furrow and then a large number of banana trees, black sparrows, the beautiful verderón of San Andrés, and the Elaenia caribe, among others, decorate the surroundings of the blue sky. and the beautiful green carpet of the land of San Andres, emitting its soft and melodious chants … now I invite you to visit and know economically San Andres, nothing more than entering the following link that I give you to visit and do sightseeing in San Andres Island in the most economical way possible.

Now … you enjoyed a very sunny day contemplating the beautiful landscape of the island in the company of your family … now prepare to enjoy the delights of the dishes that offer you in this place the product of the culinary of the island of San Andres that You can taste it in the lagoon. Very close to the lagoon there are some small and modest huts where you can enjoy a delicious fruit bite, an island drink and other marine dishes prepared with great love for you and your family so that you carry in your mind a beautiful lasting memory of your visit to The Big Pond lagoon on the island of San Andres.

Now I just have to invite you to taste another topic of general interest about tourism on the island of San Andres, this time we will talk about The neighborhood the hill or barrio La Loma in San Andres Islands…and The famous and known Morgans’ Cave… not being more I say goodbye to you until the next!!