Morgan’s cave San Andres Islands

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Morgan’s cave San Andres Islands

Morgan’s cave San Andres – fly and visit Morgan’s cave in San Andres…Did you know that Morgan’s cave is part of the history of San Andres’s ancestors?… admire their handicrafts in coconut and many surprises of the island of San Andres in this tourist section.

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For all travelers and tourists who visit the beautiful island of San Andres I have another very exciting topic … it is one of the milestones that mark the history of the ancestors of this tourist site, are their stories of adventurous buccaneers and sailors of that time and that makes reference to the pirate Henry Morgan who the 17th century hid the treasures fruit of his pirate activities against the Spanish galleons and kept them in this cave, but nobody has given the news of having been found … So much, the history continues valid and this place of the island continues being visited every day by thousands of tourists coming from all the countries.

Morgans’ cave in San Andres – How is this cave?
First of all, I tell you that this site is one of the sites that have the greatest interest in San Andres tourism because it is said that the famous cave of Morgan is the silent witness to thousands of stories of pirate activities by buccaneers in the Caribbean. This cave is located exactly at km 8 of Avenida Circunvalar, in the middle of the route that leads to the other tourist gem of San Andres known as La Loma, there you can find this tourist site that everyone wants to know on their visit to the island.

The cave whose interior has some stalactites and stalagmites and is surrounded by ferns and other shrubs, has an approximate length of 35 m wide and more or less 200 m long and is directly connected to the Caribbean Sea and with the passing of the time a limestone species has formed with the very curious appearance of the open jaws of a maritime creature worthy of observation by its continuous visitors, who at the same time have the opportunity to visit the coconut museum in Morgan’s cave in San Andres, where works created from this fruit that abounds in the region are exhibited.

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Upon arrival at the site, the visitor will be treated very kindly by the staff of the island, who will explain in detail each of the tasks of this place and also a brief demonstration of dance regaee, tipic of the island by experienced dancers …

Now I just have to tell you to make your firm purpose of sightseeing in Morgan’s cave in a very economical way through the options of cheap flights and stay on the island of San Andres and at the same time inquire about other interesting places visiting another of my portals aimed at economic tourism on the island of San Andres and step invite you to report another beautiful site of interest for tourism and ecotourism of the island in this case is the beautiful Sound Bay or Bahia Sonora in San Andres Island...’ll like … until next time!