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Spratt Bight San Andres Islands tourism in San Andres

Spratt Bight San Andres Islands tourism in San Andres – The most beautiful in the center of the island and parallel to the pedestrian path Spratt Way forced sites in your visit to the island of San Andres and Providencia. Enjoy your vacation in San Andres at Spratt Bight beach with your family.

![Visita San Andres Islas -- Spratt Bight playas.jpg]()
Welcome back tourist friend of the beautiful and warm San Andres with its doors open to the tourist world, today I will talk about the beach considered perhaps the most important for the beauty of its white sands and soft, well maintained, sown with palm trees and coconut trees and for its location very close to shopping centers such as the North End without the need to pay transportation to go shopping, because everything that concerns the trade is within your reach.

From the Spratt Bight beach, you have at your disposal the beautiful view of the island of Jhonny Cay, another of the beautiful attractions of the Island that you are also literally obliged to make your visit. Something curious is that you can alternate your activity of swimming and care in San Andres, with a pedestrian walk, because you have joined the Spratt Bight beach with the pedestrian walk Spratt Way throughout the length and breadth and in your journey you will find where to stay, take a refreshment or enjoy a good seviche of shrimps and prawns outdoors.

On the beach of Spratt Bight there is space for all tourists from all parts of the planet and of different nationalities, so it is the special occasion to make friends with other visitors, both on the beach and on the pedestrian path in the hours of the day and night, because the beach and the pedestrian path enjoy night lighting to fully enjoy beach sports such as Volleyball, Snorkeling or snorkeling, savoring a rich and cold beer and at night On the pedestrian path, taste some liquor, which is allowed, while engaging in a good conversation with your new friends!

The Spratt Bight beach and the pedestrian path start at the Rojas Pinilla international airport, so it is very easy to see from the beach the San Andres’ departure and arrival of aircraft with hundreds of happy tourists on board, some who arrive avid to begin their adventure and others who They leave pleased to have enjoyed pleasant moments although with a bit of nostalgia, because the truth one would like that season on the island never end, anyway there is always the possibility of returning someday back to this beautiful place … Always there will always be that opportunity to be able to visit the beautiful beaches Spratt bight in San Andres islands.

Good friends, as usual at the end of my articles I leave you to link to enjoy another reading in order not to interrupt the present and this time I invite you to enjoy another topic about tourism through the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia , I give the turn to the small but very interesting jewel of the Colombian Caribbean, it is the beautiful, the fantastic and paradisiacal Cayo Cangrejo in Providencia and at the same time as always I reiterate the invitation to make the best reservation of cheap flight tickets and cheap hotels in another of my portals to the service and promotion of tourism in general … we will see you again very soon and happy holidays !!


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