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From Malta to Prague: What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

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Germany was one of the first countries to accept bitcoin as currency

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Another fun fact of life I was not aware of :)
Thank you for the information. In other aspects they are not as progressive. Try to get your internet running in a village outside Berlin. Chances are you won’t succeed. :)

A fact that I wasn't aware of, interesting...

Well, they are some examples. Take for instance our new airport. It is still not ready. Should have been finished five years ago and is the laughing stock of the nation ;)

Isn't green energy really big in Germany? that's quite a good thing. Berlin kind of has a reputation for being a little snobby, and a bit elitist. What is it like really? They are not fond of the southern parts of Germany right?

Yes it is quite big. But sometimes quite unreasonable. Especially when you have something like facade insulation which is required by law for most of the buildings. It seems reasonable to a certain degree. But I saw a lot of examples where facades were insulated in a wrong way and then everything started to get mouldy. Or other examples where the buildings insulation is too good and you have far too high temperatures inside in summer you hardly can bear. All those requirements by law have made the renting market (a lot of people in Germany rent) and the property market for potential first home buyers far too expensive, especially in Berlin. Another example of too much of a good thing is the extensive building of wind turbines which have already killed a lot of birds. It is highly incentivized and thus whole landscapes are full with wind turbines. Do not get me wrong, I do appreciate that they do a lot for the environment, but they should have more reasonable in some points. However, the recycling efforts they make (every citizen can collect paper, plastic, organic waste, glass, etc. in his household) are quite okay.
Your point that we as Berliners are not very fond of the southern parts of Germany might be due to the fact that most of them (Bavaria especially) are very different from us with regard to their traditions and conservative values and traditionally a lot of them do not like us either ;) It is not as serious as it may sound. Bavaria is a beautiful country and their food is awesome. I was as a matter of fact not really aware that Berlin is considered to be snobby and elitist. I know that Berlin is the best city in Germany and quite cool :) But I grew up here and naturally I am fond of that city, I guess. I wonder why Berlin might have a snobby and elitist reputation? And honestly, I am unable to figure it out right now. Would be lovely to hear some more opinions :) Have a great day.

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