📷 Streets of Mallorca 📷

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Today I was making some sorting of my memory cards, and somehow came across of last summers shots, while I was on short vacation in Mallorca.
Perhaps it can be interesting for my followers. Especially for those from a large mega-cities :)

Hoy estaba haciendo algunas de mis tarjetas de memoria, y encontré algunas fotos del verano pasado, mientras estaba de vacaciones en Mallorca.
Tal vez puede ser interesante para mis seguidores. Especialmente para aquellos de mega ciudades grandes :)






​These pictures were taken by @onealfa on September 20, 2017, in a small town called Fornalutx, Mallorca, Spain
​Gear: NIKON D5200 & 18-105mm F3.5-5.6 AF-S Nikor lens

Estas fotos fueron tomadas por @onealfa el 20 de septiembre de 2017, en una pequeña ciudad llamada Fornalutx, Mallorca, España.
Equipo: NIKON D5200 y 18-105 mm F3.5-5.6 Lente Nikor AF-S


Final notes:

  • All your RESTEEM's always are much appreciated here, and always noticed. ;)
  • Todos tus RESTEEM son siempre muy apreciados aquí, y siempre se han notado. ;)

That's so wonderful thank you for sharing your memories with the steemit community, I really enjoy it

It's going to be a great adventure to be around this epitome of perfection done by modifying colour and masterpiece during summer

Incredible street-photography! Deserves to get to trending.
I wish my photos were that good. :D

Nice pics!

Wow beautiful .. well done
The pictures are amazing .. Creativity
Great post..

wonderful memories ! deserves a resteem

Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @devrajsinghrawat

beautiful pictures...

Mallorca is a very nice place, I was living in my teenager time in the small city Campos and some years later than I went back to LLuchmajor. It was a great time without the tourist places. Nice pictures from the old houses, thanks @onealfa

Beautiful in my eyes😍

Thank you for your RESTEEM @richjen8

Your very much welcome sir😊
Please follow and upvote me ehhehehe God Bless

Hoping for your support sir @onealfa

Incredible city, incredible streets and incredible homes.

Awesome @onealfa sir.

Thank you.


Thank you for your RESTEEM @littymumma

It's a very beautiful place... I love this place... Your photography is awesome...
Thanks for sharing @onealfa...
Upvoted and Resteemed...

What a fantastic house creating designs photography collections @onealfa. It has too stunning looks. That's own creativity of the Spanish.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Love the color of the rocks used for the buildings

So beautiful street photography.

I would really love to walk through those streets/sidewalks.
This is so beautiful and yes I really appreciate you sharing these photos with us. Beautiful

Wow Excellent photography.
100% like and resteem

Thank you for your RESTEEM @stmit

Mallorca is very small but fantastic looking indeed location I have seen via internet. Those houses build up using amazing architectural technology.
Resteemed your post.

Their street nicely maintained set-up stone designs. If everyone go there, exactly will try to stay another week. It's unique fashionable photography collections @onealfa.

Thank you for your RESTEEM @templeflower

beautiful. How did you get into photography?

Wow wonderful travel experience and looking for house
Thanks @onealfa
Have a great day

Lovely photos! On some level, reminds me a bit of living in Spain as a teenager, except the building material in the south (Andalucia) was always pure white stuccoed stone/brick... not natural stone like this. But the same narrow alleys and streets; greenery, bougainvilleas and flowers everywhere.

You are so right. Living in a busy city the sight of narrow streets, stone homes and little towns generates a feeling of tranquility and peace. Nice photos, thanks for sharing.

I love Mallorca.
I love Spain. people, weather, foods, everything,
I wish live there :)

They are simple but yet elegant .Seems like you do have some nice memories I suppose !

The 1st image does looks great by the way !

photography level as its peak (:

I like it very much

wonderfull so baitifull city

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Hey @onealfa :) Really pretty pics! I'm going to Mallorca this August, would you mind sharing some recommendations for food & drinks?

I am a big enthusiast in trying variuos different and unusual food. So it is hard for me to name something exeptional . Avoid noisy tourist-crowded places, and you always have chance to get something authentic, maybe weird, but much unforgetable for yourself.

Love Spain, really beautiful. *****

Okay then... I'll visit Mallorca,
I take a loved one... I really love the neighborhood, it feels safe and unified

I liked all the photos, but I was very interested in the amount of plants and pots outside the houses. It is an awesome place. thanks for sharing.

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Want to visit mallorca amazing view

What a great photos and lovely city. Someday I hope to have the opportunity to visit Mallorca. Greeting from a photographer friend.

Beautiful pictures. I will need to vistit Mallorca!

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Excellent photos! :-)

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Incredible street-photography!
I have not been to Spain yet.
I always dream of traveling to Spain.
Especially I want to travel to small towns other than Spanish big city.
I first learned of a town called Mallorca.
When ... I hope to travel there.

Mallorka is the name of the island . Not city

@onealfa I love these narrow streets and the warmth of the colors of the buildings. It probably smells of love fragrance in the air, beautiful.

Very Nice Place and Picture. I Like It

The streets are a fine piece of art work really beautiful

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This is Awesome, liked the colors very much! nice!

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schöne Bilder

Qué belleza, me asombra la limpio y pulcro de las callecitas. Excelentes fotos.

Wow look at those walls, what are they really made of? the streets looks narrow and laced with green, amazing place mallorca is, what camera did you use?

Look to my post, 3rd line under pictures :)

The contrast of colors in all your photos are spectacular!

I am on the first time om your blog. You have a real mind to travel. Your uploaded photos are so beautiful and clear that easily catches my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Hello @onealfa Your photos are beautiful, I like photography and take photos in that style too. I'm from Venezuela, from Ciudad Bolívar, precisely. I have also taken similar photos, I will be doing a series of post with them, there are many streets that leave their stories, which are interesting to share here in steemit, with those photos also our imagination travels, imagine the rest, the photos They speak for themselves. Thank you, wait for more photos of you.

Sir Clicks are too good. I am very big fan of such Art. I have taken these clicks from my friend who is a good photographer and I need your reviews on them.

nice photographer

Really awesome click i can feel the freshness in this picture

Thanks a lot for sharting pictures about this beautiful place... wow I ´d like to visit in the future.

my Photography 16463364_1819071215008143_5298431034661373619_o.jpg

Nice places I am really love this 😘😘

Mayorca is one of the largest islands of the Balearic archipelago, which beautiful photographs.

Beautiful photos!)))

Nice shots @onealfa!
Very nice place.

Such a beautiful place Mallorca is great to see that and visit the streets there through you post : )

Waaaooooo @onealfa
Que buena nota visitar y vivir ni se diga en Mallorca.
Una de las Islas Baleares que más me encanta.
Las fotografías y esos callejones me fascinan
Saludos y Gracias

Great pics man! Keep it up!

beautiful wall,.. is that rock with concret or just soil?

Mallorca, hermosa por siempre.

Me encantaron tus fotografias estan realmente hermosas

Tus fotos están bonitas.

World class images @onealfa. The streets look just wonderful, may be you can call these perfect photos. I love your photography and this sensational view. Really impressed by your work. Alas if i could visit these streets.

Hermosa Mallorca, vivi alli un año y siempre que puedo regreso, excelentes fotos, aqui una de mi ultimo viaje durante el mes pasado, gracias por compartir tan lindas imagenes😀

Wow que maravilla! My husband and I recently traveled all over México for our honeymoon and your beautiful pictures are making me reminisce! Thank you for your post.



Have a beautiful Friday!

awesome place sir and good photography tooo.....

Looks like an amazing place!!

Amazing photo's!

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Every day I'm more surprised by nature

¡Bellísimo! Gracias por compartir tus recuerdos!

Wonderful picture! Mallorca is a very beautiful city, I imagine you have had a great vacation in this beautiful city. Thanks for sharing!

Mallorca is not a city. This is island. In the mediteranian sea

Looks really 👍 great! Thanks for the post. Love this little streets.

We visited today Frigiliana a white hill village , in Andalusia. Glad i took some pics :-)

these are beautiful. <3 I resteemed it :)

I have not been there for over 25 years but I see its as beautiful as ever. Lovely photography BTW lovely use of light.

Cool photos off the Majorcan tourist paths.

Hey @, great post! GOOD
I enjoy your content Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see nice content on Steemit! :)

excelente vista

Loved the clicks @onealfa Mallorca is a great island of the Spain and oldest Spain island tribal habitat from years.


Here are some of my pics from my memory lane with my bestie and her cute baby visit 2 years ago.

I retrieved it from my drive have to search for a little but manage to find it for you.



Bellisimas fotografias, gracias por compartir tus recuerdos con esta comunidad, generalmente recordar vacaciones es maravilloso, Exitos.

Nice pictures and thanks

Mallorca is so beautiful. Thank you for this great pictures. Resteemed

That's a v beautiful location!

Beautiful photos! Definately going on my (ever expanding) bucket list!

Nice work, good quality. Ive been there in 2012 and i have loved it.

Beautiful photo)

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