On Detours with Kathi #023: Goodbye Jo'burg, Hello Namibia !

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Goodbye Jo'burg, Hello Namibia !

Hello friends ! I Actually forgot to tell you last night I think. Today we left Johannesburg after five days to go to Windhoek, Namibia.
The flight was fine, a little rough though because it was raining in Namibia and a thunderstorm was going on too. I took the picture when we got here, pretty dark, but I think it's a great shot ! Immigration was easy, just had to fill out the visa paper stuff and then had a half an hour drive to our new accomodation.
We are now staying at 'Urban Camp' where we are going to be sleeping in a tent with outdoor showers and a little pool next to the bistro and main area.


I'm really looking forward to sleeping in the tent. They are pretty comfortable and nice.
The staff is awesome and the owner actually speaks german too. We already like this place. Since we got here around six pm we can't really do anything with the day anymore. We are going to have dinner in a bit and then probably head to bed.


The nature around here looks amazing and we are way excited to see what's going on here. One thing we actually didn't think of is that in Namibia is summer break right now so Windhoek is so quiet. Everybody left to the coast for vacation and everything here is closed. All the stores and restaurants will be back open on the 27th, haha ! We will see how that turns out. Urban Camp got some food and drinks though so we won't starve to death. Lucky us !

Wifi is a little rare here so that's why you haven't heard from us in a while. Working really hard though to get all the posts online !



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