We fed swans in the Stryjsky Park with hands!

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

I continue to share my impressions of an exciting walk in the famous  Stryjsky park in the city Lviv. Here lives a couple of swans and they are always together! People come here and enjoy this beautiful picture. 

They feed these majestic birds with bread and grass. Swans swim to the shore and take food from their hands!

Darynka also gave herbs and she was delighted when the swan took the grass!

And these green ferns are so amazing, too, like swans :)

It was a wonderful day among the beautiful spring nature, Darinka was very happy! She wants to come back here again!

Thank you for your visit! Walk with us next time!


Excellent nature photography!

This is absolutely beautiful from you boss..

Beautiful photography, I am amazing. thanks.

a fun trip, have a great day, thank you for sharing your photography today.

Upvoted and Restemed. Thank you for using my service.

your child is very beautiful, hopefully he will be successful like you, thank you for sharing your child photography today, hopefully you are always successful

Wow!!! the swans are so pretty :) is she your daughter? she's so beautiful.. hehe :) and the last picture is awesome! the flowers are just so fascinating. what are those flowers called?

beautiful photography. really refreshing to look at. excellent location. cute little princess👸🏼.🤗✌

Beautiful. I would have liked to see a closer look of the colossal statue of a woman bathing in the background of picture 1. Ukraine is beautiful. When I was a child (Venezuela), everything that we perceived from that part of the world was the USSR. Now we can appreciate every independent country's own personality. Back then all one saw was soviet propaganda.

Gracias por cuidar de los animales, el humano de hoy en día vive desconectado de la naturaleza, deberíamos volver de a poco a nuestros orígenes

wow so beautiful natural pictur.. good photographer

They can be dangerous.They seem to be tame swans.

Отличное место для отдыха и общения с природой! По-больше бы таких... :-)
Класные фотки! Добра вам и всегда хорошего настроения! ;-)

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