Travelling is about experiences like this

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Ride your dirt bike for kilometers on a wild beach, pull up, get 12 coconuts for less than 2 dollars, pull up to a village for some fish caught few minutes ago, go surf some empty waves and see a mind blowing sunset to finish your day. Experiences like this is what makes me want to travel

Coco Moto

Sony a6000 SEL 18-200, Jiquillo, Nicaragua


I love your color tone☺️

Teal and Orange FTW! ;)

Really awesome man. Nicaragua is a great place. I had a coworker who would go down with his wife to stay with a family for about a month and help build some houses there. He said that the people there were incredibly nice, the food was amazing and nature and locations were breathtaking. I don't believe he went to the beaches, he was mostly staying around the villages inside the country to help with building and would occasionally go visit the town for some restaurants on the weekend with his building crew.
Keep on living it up @olegnator and thanks for taking the steemians along with you!

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