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Two hours after I arrived in Tamarindo in Costa Rica, I met these three Florida guys who are the most stoked surfers I have ever met. Twenty minutes later I cancelled my hostel and was riding with them to Jacó to chase better surf. Nothing but the good vibes, they get stoked every time they see a wave and they freaking shred. Meeting awesome people and making friends is the best part of travelling for sure. Had a blast hanging out with these three @phillipsnoww @brad_kuhn @2k.shredda

Costa Rica Jacó Playa Escondida Herradura

Shot with DJI Mavic, Playa Escondida, Herradura, Costa Rica


Right on @olegnator! Nothing like finding some like minded awesome people to hang with. Can make a pleasant trip an incredible and much more memorable one. Glad you are all having fun and met up.

you comments are always spot on @thraellock ! Thanks! 🤗

Thanks brother! Your photos and stories are great motivations. With the hawaii volcano messing up the island, its really nice to see these fantastic places that may be gone before we know it and I'm happy that someone is able to enjoy them as well as provide those of us who can't travel a bit of an outlook while your on your adventures.

Sounds like you're having a good time!

oh beautiful place

OMG awesome pic😍

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