Chichen Itza - Win 10 SD!

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Guess how many people I had to remove from this photo? 😜Just pick a number and whoever guesses it or gets closest to the correct answer after 24h will receive 10 Steem Dollars. I will show the original photo!


On the other note, have you been here and do you agree this should one of the New Seven Wonders of the World? No doubt it is impressive, but the voting by text message has been heavily manipulated. Many countries launched publicity campaigns and phone companies even made it free for people to vote for certain candidates. So you should take the "New Seven Wonders" with a pinch of salt. Better make your own 😉

Chichen Itza Mexico

Click on the image to view full screen

Sony a6000, SEL 18-200


20 people

Spot on man! Almost! Congrats

Been there before, so had to imagine a similar amount of people in your picture. Loved the giveaway and great picture, keep them coming!


Haha, I guess I did a good job in Photoshop 🤗

Wow these pyramids show us how to powerful was mesoamerican tribes before conquer by Spain

Indeed, crazy to think that some of those temples were built 3000 years ago

You have right. Good luck

I count 19 people so @jcbit gets 10 SD 🤗 what a lucky shot!!! This giveaway is sponsored by Photoshop lol (not really)
chichen (1 of 1).jpg

Thank you! Hope you enjoy your time in México! The rivera maya is an amazing place, so much to see! You should hit as many cenotes as you can and eat ceviche!

1 individual would be my guess. Anyways aside from that this is a very nice photo where was it taken if you don't mind me asking.

Thanks! It is a Chichen Itza pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico

beuatiful place

Our temples in Cambodia look like this

Would love to visit those as well! Heard so many good stories!

if i think 1 people have to get out

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