There is nothing clear about the origin of Dhaka name....

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There is nothing clear about the origin of Dhaka name.

There are many common ideas about this. It was heard that in 1610, the sound of the cover was heard till Islam khan buriganga, and the extent of the sculpture was declared and the area was made capital by making it the capital.
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And so the area is called Dhaka. Many people say that the name of Dhaka is derived from the Dhakeshwari temple built by the Ballal sen. Another commentary is that once there was a lot of dhak trees in this region, it has been named Dhaka because it has been named Dhaka. It is also known that a language called "Dhaka language" was prevalent here, according to which the name becomes Dhaka.
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Generally it can be heard that once the whole region was covered with dense forest, it became named after Dhaka. It is known from history that in 1610, Islam Khan Chishti shifted from Rajmahal, capital of Bengal to Dhaka, and named it after Jahangirnagar. Even though the name of Jahangirnagar is administratively, the name of the name of the common people remains the same.

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