The Naf River divides the Cox's Bazar....

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The Naf River divides the Cox's Bazar

The Naf River divides the Cox's Bazar district from Arakan in Myanmar, just like the in-river lane flowing along the south-eastern corner of the Nax River Cox's Bazar district. It is a big river in the south of Cox's Bazar district. Arriving in Arakan and other borders on the south-eastern border, Naf River has come to the Bay of Bengal.
This river, with a width of 1.61 km to 3.22 km, is prone to tidal current. The tidal effect of the coastal plain adjacent to the river bank is widely used for shrimp cultivation. Teknaf is located on the right bank of Naf river, the southern upazila of Bangladesh. Myanmar's Akiab port is located on the left bank of the Naf River.

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