History of Osmani Gardens and Bibi Mariam Caman.....

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Osmani Gardens and Bibi Mariam Cannon

Emperor Jahangir established the capital of Bengal in the 17th century, several cannons were created to strengthen the capital of capital Dhaka. Among these artisans, "Kehan ​​Zamzam" and "Bibi Maryam" became immensely popular in construction style and in beauty.

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When "kay khan" went down into Buriganga river, Bibi Miriam became a spectacular object. Bibi Marium's length is 11 feet. The face diameter is 6 inches The artisan maker of the cannabis of Dhaka made a cannon with extremely hard iron.
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Subadar Mir Jumla used 675 cannons during the Assam campaign in 1661; Bibi Maryam was the largest of them. As a reminder of the victory of the war, he set up Bibi Mariam in Swarighat on the southern side of Barot Katara. The cannon was then known as the cemetery of Mir Jumla.

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In 1840, Magistrate Walter of Dhaka established it in Chakbazar of Dhaka. Later in 1925, Bibi Maryam was set up in Sadarghat. In the middle of the last century, Bibi Miriam was brought from Sadarghat to the city center in Gulistan for the beautification of the city.

In 1983, Bibi Marium was brought from the front of Gulistan and placed behind the main gate of the Osmani Gardens.

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