Maldives or Maldives Republic is an island state of the Indian Ocean....

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Maldives or Maldives Republic is an island state of the Indian Ocean.

Its capital is Malay. South Asian Regional Alliance member of the SAARC. Lilabhumi is the country's most beautiful country in the world. The best known for tourism is the highest height of the sea level, only two to three meters high and the average height is just one decimal five meters. Maldives comprising more than one hundred and two hundred smaller islands.
Maldivian name probably originated from "Male devehely state", which means Malay-Occupied Islands. According to some, Sanskrit 'Mala Island' means Island-Mala or 'Mahila Island' meaning Maldives name originated from women's island.
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Although there is no mention of such a region in ancient Sanskrit But in ancient times there is a mention of a region called Lakhdeep.
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Lakshadweep may have meant Lakshadweep Punj or Chagos Islands, besides the Maldives. Another doctrine is the Tamil word 'Mala Tivu' which means Maldives name originated from the archipelago.
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In the medieval period, Ibn Batuta and other Arab tourists referred to this region as 'Mahal Diwiyat'. Mahal money palace in Arabic. Currently this name is written on the state symbol of the Maldives.

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