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Diekirch Travel Guide
European states attract the Russian people with their delicacy, gloss and calmness. One of the richest countries is a small country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg , located in the western part of Europe. In the central part of this duchy there is a small, but very cozy town called Diekirch. This town covers an area of ​​only 12 square kilometers, where about 6500 people live.

-Despite its small size, the city became a sports center of the country. Every year the world-famous Eurocross is held here, to which the best athletes come not only from all over Europe, but even from Africa. In winter, the best skiing athletes come to the city to compete on the best ski slopes. The climate in the city clearly divides the year into seasons. In summer, the average air temperature is around 24-25 ° С, and in winter the mark on the thermometer drops to 0 or -1 ° С.

-How to get to Diekirch
In order to get from Russia to Diekirch, you must first fly to Luxembourg (the capital of the country), which is about 50 kilometers away. From Moscow airports fly flights from different airlines, but only with transfers in different countries. For example, the company Turkish Airlines offers a flight with a stop in Istanbul (waiting 9 hours) for 298 euros. The company KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, organized a flight through Amsterdam (waiting 3 hours) for $ 328.

-The airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in conjunction with the company Air Baltic offer a flight with two transfers, but short in Riga (1 hour) and Amsterdam (3 hours) for only 291 euros. From Luxembourg to Diekirch can be reached using several options: - by train from the company "Luxembourg Railways (CFL)" for 40 - 45 minutes, paying around 4 euros. - by bus from the auto company “Mobiliteit” No. L10 in an hour and a half. The ticket will cost approximately 4 euros. - by taxi you will finish in just 30 minutes, but you will have to pay about 100-150 euros. The most common type of transport in the city is a bicycle, which, like a car, can be rented.

-Sights of Diekirch Travel Guide
In Diekirche, as in all cities, there are old districts, and there are new ones. So, walking around the city, first of all you need to go to the old district, where you can see and feel the atmosphere of the medieval city. It is here that the main shrine of the city is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which was erected in the XVI century on the ruins of the church before the Roman period, 6 centuries BC. Many tourists come to Diekirch to visit one of the best museums dedicated to the war “Musée National d'Histoire Militaire”. The exhibits of this museum tell about the liberation of the city and Luxembourg as a whole from the fascists during the Second World War. The museum is located at: 10, Bamertal. Admission is 5 euros.

There are several interesting museums in the city that are worth a visit: the Historical Museum will tell you about the life of the city from its appearance to the present day. In the Museum of vintage cars and vehicles, you can see unusual cars that have been produced since the beginning of the 19th century. And another museum is the brewery museum “DIEKIRCH”, where you can learn everything about this beer and its history.

In the suburb of Diekirch, you can see a lot of interesting things, for example, visit a brewery or the ruins of ancient settlements of the Celts and Germans, and you can go to the castle of Baursheid, whose age is 1 thousand years.

Luxembourg is a member of the European Union, so the only currency you can pay in Diekirch is the euro. It is best to take the euro with you on a trip in order to make your vacation easier and not to run around the city looking for a bank or exchange office. In Diekirche, credit cards and travelers checks are accepted for payment without any problems.

-Restaurants Dikirha
Despite its small size, Luxembourg has its own national cuisine. In Diekirche you can even try several positions from local dishes or products: - the very first and most popular dish is the backbone, which is smoked and presented with legumes, or with radish, or with turnips. - baked pies and pies. They are in Diekirche and in Luxembourg in general, there are a lot of species, besides the traditional ones with apples, you need to try open pies with various fillings. - River trout stuffed with ham. Very unusual combination, but tasty.

In the city you can find restaurants with different cuisines and different prices. Among the simple establishments with reasonable prices you can visit: “venti29nove” (Italian and Mediterranean cuisine), “Restaurant um Grill” (specializes in barbecue and European cuisine), “Restaurant du Commerce” (French cuisine), “Osaka” (Japanese cuisine) , "Bonzai" (Chinese and Thai cuisine), etc. In the suburbs, there is the Hotel Hotel - Restaurant DAHM, which has an excellent gourmet restaurant specializing in French cuisine. "

-Where to stay in Diekirch
Diekirch is a small town, so all local hotels have only 3 stars, but they offer top-level service. Among such hotels there are: Hotel Restaurant Beau Séjour (room rates from 85 euros per night), Hotel du Parc (prices from 96 euros). Many hotels are located in the suburb of Diekirch, for example, just 4 kilometers from the city at 57, Porte des Ardennes, 9145 Erpeldange, there is a good four-star hotel “Hotel - Restaurant DAHM” where the room rates start at 130 euros. Due to the high standard of living of the local population, finding budget accommodation in the city is also quite problematic, but you can search in the suburbs, although the budgetaryness of such options is quite conditional, because the cost of living in a hostel will cost from 40 euros per night: Or "Youth Hostel Vianden".

-Precautionary measures
Diekirch is a very safe and calm city. Many locals without fear go at night alone. However, tourists are advised to adhere to the general rules of conduct when traveling, so as not to be an exception to the rule.