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➡️ When visiting Bali I most enjoyed...Finished the sentence in comments!
✔️Bali is a strange mix of "Salt" and "Pepper".
✔️On one hand (the salt), the beautiful traditions, Balinese locals, amazing terrace rice fields, traditional salt mining, beautiful sacred temples, traditional food, beautiful arts and more.
✔️On the other hand (the pepper) the number of tourists that flock to Bali for the cheap resorts and cheap drinks mainly staying on the south coast line.
✔️Our opinion...Yes the resorts / Villas are beautiful, but...
✔️...Go deep in Bali, do meet the locals, do ride around and leave the beach, discover the country.
✔️We won't deny that we did stay in one luxury place...In a totally random occasion but we'll tell you this later.
✔️We visited this small traditional sea salt mining, it was lovely to meet the locals.
ⓕⓞⓛⓛⓞⓦ ⓤⓢ for more adventures in Bali
✔️Bali c'est un mix de poivre et sel.
✔️D'un côté, le sel, les traditions balinaises, les locaux, les splendides rizières en terrasse, les fabricants de sel de mer (comme sur la photo), les somptueux temples, la délicieuse nourriture locale ou encore l'art balinais sous toutes ces formes.
✔️De l'autre côté, le poivre, le flux continu de touristes, qui est souvent attiré par Bali pour ses resorts à prix très bas, ainsi que la possibilité de faire la fête pour peu cher. Tout ceci concentré sur la côte sud de l'île.
✔️Notre opinion...Oui les villas sont magnifiques et plaisantes, mais...
✔️Sortez des sentiers battus! Aventurez vous dans le Bali traditionnel, dans les terres - les plages n'ont pas vraiment été nos endroits favoris.
✔️Nous ne nierons pas que le luxe balinais est plaisant...et nous y avons également goutté mais on n'en parlera plus tard.
✔️Cette fabrication de sel artisanale s'est trouvée sur notre route, superbe rencontre.
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Great experience. Very adventurous journey.

Thank you! Bali is such a beautiful place :-)

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Wow salt mining so does it mean its very easy to get a salt from that place? Lovely photo i like the coconut shell.. Weird thing is i like to eat salt that caught my attention with this post :) very interesting

ahahah weird yes! Salt mining only means that they actually collect water from the ocean then spill it on sand fields before bringing these to dry in long open bamboo before collecting the salt. Very traditional.