What Happens Here Stays Here

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What's ALMOST a bigger commitment than marriage? Something that's supposed to symbolize that your love is locked forever and can't be broken.

Putting love locks on a bridge.

What happens on love lock bridge, stays on love lock bridge. Literally. It's locked there forever. Mwahahaha.

Here's a couple that locked their love down TOO soon, before properly getting to know each other.

Now it's too late, because they are clearly very unhappy.

She's wearing a pretty dress, trying to pretend he's not a huge pile of disappointment and regret.

He's just thinking about hamburgers pho noodles or something.

Is food the solution to making them happy?

Nope, this restaurant is empty. No food here.

Luckily, the true solution for them is right around the corner! The only way for them to be happy again is to go on the happy yacht.

Unless of course, the boat is just false advertising so it can lure more people onto it's deceptive decks.

If they don't go on the supposedly happy yacht, the Da Nang dragon bridge will breathe fire on them! It's his duty to watch over love lock bridge and make sure that all couples are happy.

Yeah, it legit breathes fire!

Did I get a video to prove his fire breathing?

No, because I need just a LITTLE more epic failure in my life to seal the deal on being kind of a screw up.
I'm trying to make it blockchain official.

You know, to make my parents proud and everything.

Let me add on to the pile of fail and shame by adding thievery to the list.

I'm stealing this video for YOU. Which makes my thievery sort of a generous, Robin Hood type act, if you think about it.

Here's the dragon breathing fire, straight from the camera of someone better than me:

The dragon changes colors, too! Did I get that on video??


Can I find the video?


I think when he turns green, it's cause he's green with envy at my uncanny ability to remember things, like where I put the video!

Oh, that's not it?

Guess I was wrong.

Maybe he's just sea sick, then.

You may be wondering, why does the dragon care if the couples are happy?

Why would he breathe fire on couples if they don't try to fix their relationship by going on the happy yacht?

You also might not be wondering that...you might just wonder normal things that normal people wonder.

But now that I've posed the question, I'll tell you the answer.

You see, the dragon failed at his chance of locking down love forever.

The dragon was in love with this fish:

They were supposed to meet on love lock bridge together one evening at sunset, to lock down their love and make it official. Just like Kanye would want them to do.

But before the dragon and fish could both reach the bridge, something happened.

The fish turned to stone, and was frozen in place. The same happened to the dragon.

They were so close to making it, with only the pathway of heart lamps standing between them.

Now, they just watch each other from a distance, so close and yet so far from one another.

They make it their duty to ensure that all couples that come by stay happy, since they could never be together.

At least they get to save other's relationships by forcing them on the happy yacht.

And at least the dragon is golden, which is pretty baller ( haha what goldmatters said is true, you don't even have to search for gold. It's just everwhere).

Plus, they still get to watch the sunset together every evening:

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The funniest travel post I've read here for sure! Ps - did you knew that in some bridges, the love locks were actually removed because of the added weight causing troubles? There goes forever... 😁


Thanks! Haha, so THAT'S why the divorce rate got higher lol. So bad


There had to be a reason ;)

Is that story some sort of fiction or the real story behind the love lock bridge? 😀.

The background music playing while the dragon spits fire is amazing. The camera is equally amazing, capturing such beauty from a distance.


I made the story up!! haha


:) Gosh

YES!!!! Tell me you read my love locks post!!!


omg no way!!! I didn't!! You have one too?!!!?!?


https://steemit.com/travel/@goldmatters/love-locks how weird we both did one at the same time lol

Another great travel post. Funny and entertaining. Still haven't been to Da Nang, but seen the love lock bridge in Paris, which is impressive. Keep it up (we know you will)! 😊


Thank you!! Oh yeah, it's like the Paris one only a little smaller!! So awesome!

Hey! That's my favorite bridge in the world! You're making me miss Danang so much!

When I was there, I must have eaten at this Indian place 20 times. There are a ton of great Vietnamese places, of course, but I can't remember where they were located.


Indian food is my favorite!!! Thanks for sharing! I've eaten at 2 Indian restaurants so far, not sure about that one!

Haha it's hard to remember where the Viet ones are. I don't even konw what they're called half the time because I can't read it lol

The love lock bridge! pretty amazing. i wonder what happened if any couple get divorced! i am sure they don't have any mood to come there again to break the lock! (may be they will not find inside so many lock), So divorced couple's lock is stay there forever!, so i can say its just a belief in mind. lock can not do anything actually , their belief does :)


haha yep, the belief does!

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That's a better love story then Twilight!


haha you admit to watching twilight!

lol - I was reading and was like WT* - she's gone crazy lol or is that called creativity ? 😂


haha maybe both!

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That’s crazy that the dragon can breathe fire!