Novigrad, nice city in Croatia. Let'stalk about it....

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Here I am again with photos of the trip to Croatia. Today I'm talking about Novigrad or Cittànova. Novigrad is a very nice and welcoming port city, arrived on the spot you immediately notice the port that is the central place of the city as well as the hub of all the commercial activities in the area. Novigrad is situated on a small peninsula and as many Croatian cities still maintains its medieval form with lots of ancient walls with a magnificent promenade, close to Porec is a popular destination for tourists. The city is a mix of architecture, with medieval styles mixing Byzantine and other typically Gothic styles. The city belonged to Venice and its Venetian past is noted in its style. 

Besides the medieval churches, the city offers various gastronomic attractions, as well as many fish restaurants and local cuisine. Wine and oil are other excellent products of this city that also hosts an important festival dedicated to wine.  Novigrad has had a tumultuous past, not only because of the numerous conquests and invasions, but also because of the scourges as diseases and epidemics that around the sixteenth century made it almost uninhabited. 

Today, however, is a city alive and full of people, in summer there are many people from all over the world and there is certainly the presence of a nightlife! It has many important monuments such as the Church of San Pelagio and Massimo with annexed crypt, the beautiful Belvedere Loggia and of course the ancient walls! Beautiful the way of umbrellas, to whom I dedicated a post all his own!

The street of umbrellas

 The streets of Novigrad as you see are pretty croatian streets with colorful houses and cute corners.
Arrived in Novigrad for lunch we immediately took the opportunity to hear their infamous fish, we went to a very nice restaurant located in the historic center, called Europe and there we took the abundant portions of local sausages (the Cevapcici) with a spicy flavor , chicken skewers with pepper sauce and potatoes, anchovies and fried fishes, we were  all drunk with their cheap Pivo (beer) that costs very little!

 We both gorged without restraint, so much so that in the end we needed a glass of rakia (local grappa) to be able to get up from the table.
After we walked both along the winding streets of the city, and along the harbor, where I practiced badly with the Nikon.

My impressions on Novigrad were excellent, the city is really beautiful and I do not deny that the food and the fish are two things that I liked a lot!

Novigrad is one of the towns that I liked most, the medieval center is really nice to visit and even if tired from lunch and the sun (although it was late September the sun beat like in August) we gladly walked along its streets. Very colorful and with photo corners this city is a little gem to visit. 


Thanks you for your great travel report! Novigrad seems to be a beautiful city worth a visit.

It's really a nice city ♥️

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I've never heard of this city but it looks like an interesting place to visit. I didn't know that there were some places in Croatia that belonged to Venice. I thought that there was no Italian impact in this part of Europe but I was apparently mistaken..

I've seen such umbrellas some years ago in Luxembourg. It was some kind of project that was being held everywhere in Europe. I didn't know it was still going on. It looks very nice :)

It looks like you had a lot of food on your trip and a lot of fun :)

Thank you for the report and have a nice weekend!

I will say not impact but a mix of cultures, mostly in the architecture, but yes by the way Istria and Italy have a long story , mostly bloody, about the umbrellas, yes it started in Portugal than we still have some streeets of umbrellas around europ during the summer time, are very charming!

:)) what I really like about Croatia is that no matter how many times I've visited it (more than 15 times), I never get enough of it..
My parents fell in love with Novigrad and go there every summer, but I've never accompanied them. But it looks sooo lovely. I guess I already know why they always go there :)

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wow, 15 times? O_O Good! this was my first time in Croatia but i loved it so much that i plan to go back there next summer, i want to visit Zagreb, Dubrovnik, the plitvice lakes! Have so many beautiful places this country!

Interestingly written, it would be nice to see the medieval town as well! I really liked the plate with the sprats or sardines. Sorry, I could not tell what kind of fish it was. Very unusual but very appetizing and much healthier than the battered fish we see here in the UK. 👍

About the medieval town unfortunately i did not take any photos, the camera was heavy under the hot sun and i left it in the car after the walk around the port. =( The fish are pilchard, a good fish, easy to prepare but tasty. About the food i can not say a single bad thing, they sell mostly fresh fish and good meat ^^ I loved Croatian food, after the trip i had 5 more kilos :P

Great & intressting travel report :D i doo love the umbrella show, soo cool :D🐲🐉💗 I like that you added FOOD to the post, one do need yumyums when traveling ;)

I love travelling and eating, but eating more :P

Travels gets you soooo many opertunetys to eat😉 and you always must try everything😂😜

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Cool i must check your blog!

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