Morocco: a world to explore - part 2

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Hi Steemians, welcome back.
second appointment for the Morocco trip guide.

This time is to talk about the Morocco's capital Rabat.

After visiting Casa Blanca for a couple of days, we took a bus and we moved to Rabat to join our friend.

This city is moving a lot, full of students, young business workers, old tradition keepers.
Ancient buildings and new zones cohexist in a special harmony.

Good to visit and pleasant to stay.

Let's go through the list of places we have been.

Kasba degli Oudaïa

I kindly suggest to have a walk along the wall that surrounds the Kasba.
The Kasba is a zone of the city built by Almoravide to protect the city itself from invasions.

Very beauutiful to enter it and look around.





Hassan Tower

it's a Minaret belonging to an incomplete Mosque.



Mausoleum of Mohammed V

The thumb of the king of Marocco Mohammed




This beautiful archeological site located in North of Rabat contains rests of PhoeniXian and Cartagenese population.
Good viewpoint of the city from here.



Andalusian Gardens

Escape from the city-life in this awesome garden. Walkthrough Orange trees and have a rest seated inside the garden.


To be continued...
I hope you enjoyed it that can help in case you decide to visit these beautiful places.

Don't forget to upvote if you like it :-)

See you soon


Love the architecture!

Yes it’s very peculiar

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