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in travel •  9 months ago

Here are a few photos I took while kayaking (first time!) with the family at La Jolla Cove Beach near San Diego.

The Sunny Jim Sea Cave is the only sea cave in California that is accessible by land through an over 100-year-old tunnel. During Prohibition in the 1920's the cave was used to smuggle alcohol into La Jolla. Now you can pay $5 to descend its 144 steps and enter into the cave, seeing beautiful mineral deposits coloring the sides of the cave.

Hundreds of sea lions and seals can be found sun bathing on the rocks and cliffs. Careful not to get too close as they are very territorial and will bite!

Wetsuits are definitely recommended as all of our kayaks ended up capsizing upon our attempt to return to the shore D:

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Wait, is this for real...?

OMG... OMG this is too AMAZING! Thanks for this post, I feel my FAITH surging like electricity!


Yessir - my phone battery was super low so I actually couldn't tell what was on the screen so I just pointed and clicked, lol. I don't know if you can see them or not but there's some seals hanging out on that bottom rock.


I see them, but it's other stuff that amaze me: the lighting, the trees on the grove, the sparks on the water... quite INSPIRING!


That's great to hear!

Seems like you had a great adventure!
You´ve got some great shots.
Keep going.

You got it Sir!!! Great photos and hope to visit that place someday! :)


Thanks and I definitely recommend it!

Waterworld of different kind....i like the images..seems u r adventurer as well which u forget to update on yourself profile..👍


Thanks! The cool thing about SoCal is all of the beaches have their own look and feel to them.

Life was implied for good companions and extraordinary undertakings.....

Wow! Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

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