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How does it feels having a settled life, regular job, a permanent house to stayed in? Isnt it relieving and satisfying? Well yeah, it could be.

Most people choose to settle on things that ease their lives. Save up for the future they say. But some has different point of view of life. And Im one of the some.


Im not saying saving up and planning for the future is bad. Infact it is a very good example of being responsible and thinking of what is ahead.

But if I were to choose between a settled person or being a nomad, I choose to be a nomad. Though considering about future is important, I think before I would consider it, I would also think about the present. What makes me happy now? I really have this amazing feeling everytime I am in a new place, culture and people. I enjoyed travelling from one place to another. I maybe not making enough money out of it but the happiness it brings is surely enough. I dont want to regret in the future the things that I fail to do today.

Like how the famous traveller line goes, “You only live once”.

Beyond Nelkyway


Great post! This is a perspective that I personally overlook quite a bit. Too often, we all get caught up in the busy parts of life without experiencing things for ourselves and taking a leap of faith. Your post is what reminds me that I need to take a month or two off and go backpacking.

Me too! I actually have a regurlar job now which keeps me busy and stagnat and I’ve been trying my requested leaves to get approved. Happy travel!

how do you pay for your travels?

I still have work, and I’ve been using my salary in all my expenses. Hoping some sponsorship to come.

nice! i agree on the lifestyle, all the best

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