The Magical Island Of Cozumel, Mexico.

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Don't you just love semi remote islands? They always hold surprises!

Just a 45 minutes in a ferry from Playa del Carmen and you're there along the beautiful island of Cozumel.


The island has so many things to offer!
I would suggest sleeping in Villas Las Flores, we had a great time there.
Now for the attractions-

Snorkeling- The main attraction in all of the beaches in Mexico is snorkeling, done it everywhere but never got to see the sights I saw in Cozumel, from huge Starfishes to sting rays to sharks, definitely recommended on top.


I would like to apologize for that lame photo, it's taken with my phone over the camera because I'm not able to transfer the photos atm.

Back to attractions-

Diving- if you're an licensed diver, Cozumel has many beautiful places to offer, but ask before going on a dive, my favorite place was Sky Reef.
Can't transfer photos from my diving right now, sorry about that.

Pirate boat- If you're up to a big night of fun dancing, partying, eating steaks and lobsters this is your place to go!

Golf- There is a huge golf park in Cozumel.
Wanted to go there but I really don't know how to play golf and I'm short on time so...
Some guy recommended not to take the balls out of the water pools in the golf court if you want to keep both your hands(many alligators).

Paradise beach- offers a great pool and a great beach with water trampolines, water sports, kayaking and more!


Another shitty photo because I got too excited and hurried to jump in ^^




The water are so clear!

There is so much more to do here, if you're ever going to Mexico, give Cozumel 3 days.

Til next time, Nativ.

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Hello @nativzel. Thank you for sharing your photos.

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Dafuq? All photos are mine and uploaded here first...

great post. Been to Cozumel. Definitely nice.. Nice pics.. upvoted