Climbing An Erupting Volcano- Acatanengo, Guatemala.

in travel •  2 years ago

If you ever get to travel Guatemala there are a few places that are a big MUST, One of them is the Acatenango Volcano.

**This is definitely the highlight of all my traveling and on of the biggest achievements in my life.**


So lets start from the information we got from the agencies in Antigua(Nearby city, one of the biggest ones in Guatemala).

The hike involves 6 hours of a pure incline trail, the agency adviced renting a local to take our bag up the mountain for 250 Quetsales(the local currency- 1 USD are 7 Quetsales).

We did rent a local and united all of our tents and sleeping bags in one big bag, gave it to the local and he took it up.
We remained with 3 small bags on us.

We started the climb which was exhausting from the minute we started(not for people who are out of shape), after 20 minutes of climbing was our first stop because one of the ladies couldn't climb anymore so she rented a horse(smart choice),
I took the time to stop for a picture.


We were in a cloud so it was pretty cool.

Ok so they got the lady on the horse and we kept climbing, what a beautiful view from the mountain, it was pretty and breathtaking(we couldn't breathe because of the climbing).


That's a big ass tree!

Just before reaching the base camp after a climb of 6 hours, we stopped to take a picture.

Happy and Exhausted

Once you get to the base camp you know it was all worth it, the view is breathtaking, the Fuego Volcano which is near erupts every 20 minutes give or take and it's just unreal.



On the next day's morning(3 am) you wake up and at 4 am the hike continues to the top of the mountain for the best view of the sunset and the Fuego and Agua Volcanos.


After taking a few pictures you start going down the mountain(try not to slip), once you get down you start to understand how beautiful is our
nature and how valuable are these trips.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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On my to-do list! Beautiful

Nice cloud formations !


Aren't they beautiful?

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