Eating Maple Leaves at Minoh Park and Waterfall

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Osaka is well known for their wide array of culinary delights and Kabuki theaters. But do you know that there is a well know quasi-national park in Osaka?

When I finally checked in my hotel, the very first destination I had in my mind was the Minoh Park and Waterfall. However, I went there on an off-season. There were no cherry blossoms or autumn colors to enjoy. Since I had the time, I decided to visit the park anyway.

It was fairly easy to get there. From Umeda (Central Osaka), ride the train to Ishibashi station then transfer to the Hankyuu Minoo Line. When you get off at Minoo Station you will be greeted by the sight of maple leaves. The Park is only a few steps away.

The benefit of going during an off-season is that there were no crowds. The place is jam-packed during the spring and autumn because of the cherry blossoms and the fiery autumn colors respectively.

The trek was amazing, lots of possible routes to choose from. It definitely wasn't hard at all, the path were that of concrete and there are signs everywhere. There are trees everywhere and you hear nothing but the sound of the steady stream from the waterfall. It was very refreshing. There are a lot of statues, temples, stores, and even an insect museum along the way.

One particular delicacy in the area that caught my attention were these deep fried maple leaves. They are just like tempura - covered in batter and cooked. It was very addictive, it was sweet and savory and I found my my small plastic bag empty before I even got to the waterfall.


Doesn't it look amazing?

Here's a picture of the waterfall. The place was actually full of locals and I had to ask them to take my picture and they were very nice! The waterfall is actually really high and wide but it's hard to fit it in a picture.


The water is actually really strong, and even if you were far away you will be sprinkled with cool water. Locals were standing in front and were welcoming the water like accepting a blessing.

Minoh Park was a really nice place to start my Japan trip and it was a really rejuvenating experience. When you have the time, you should check it out. Try to go during the spring or autumn season to see the true colors of the park. Oh, and it's free!

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Those maple leaves look good!


It's really good, and it looks amazing!

It's very sweet, and you get that hint of sesame seeds!

i just got back from my Japan holiday too - and am now following you in support


Thank you!

That sounds great, hope you enjoyed your stay. It has always been my dream country to visit and I'm already planning on my next visit!

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