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Top things in Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat/Temple Hopping in Angkor Wat

Tickets: 37USD, part of it goes to charity
1 Day tuktuk driver: 17-20USD

Try to go early to witness the sunrise. You can also get a headstart and avoid the crowd as a lot of tour groups usually start at 8AM. Nothing is as mystical as watching the sky change colors and as the features of the temple get more prominent by the hour.

You can also opt to choose a 3day tour to further explore the whole park or temple complex. The whole place is huge and it is worth taking the time to explore the smaller and off-road temples.

Must-see Temples:

Angkor Wat(D'oh) - The most spectacular
The Bayon - Some of the darkest and tightest passages
The Baphuon - The steepest
Phimeanakas - Close to Baphuon and almost have the same design
Ta Prohm - Merging of the trees and the ruins, used as set for a Tomb Raider movie


Party on Pub Street

This is the nightlife hub - the name says it all. There’s so much to do in here, you wouldn’t know where to start. The neon lights will be guiding you to some of the best Khmer cuisine and Western cuisine mixes you’ll ever have. You’ll also get to see exotic foods (bugs and scorpions) and other local delicacies around this area, some of which will be part of the list.


Night Market Shopping

Just a minute away from Pub Street is a huge night market. This place will definitely impress you with local artworks, handicrafts and souvenirs. Be confident to haggle as you can get some this items for even less than half of their original prices.

Get a massage

This is probably the best place to get a massage. The vicinity is amazing and the atmosphere is great. Compared to other massage parlors I’ve seen throughout the trip, the ones here look the most comfortable and sophisticated. They are also very cheap and are the best way to finish the whole day of walking and sweating around the city.

Lok Lak

It is a crime to miss this amazing traditional khmer cuisine. This is beef that is stir fried and is served with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. It also comes with this amazing sauce made of lime, salt and pepper. The beef is very tender and the sauce gives it a twist you’d never expect.

Fruit Smoothies

The weather can be so hot and dry that nothing beats a serving of a fruit smoothie. You won’t find a street without a single stand and they’re usually all next to each other. Some of the stalls offer different variations of the fruit which makes them stand out from the rest. Something to definitely try is the passion fruit smoothie - careful though as you’ll find yourself spitting out what remain of the blended seeds.

Fried Ice Cream

It is a fun experience to see them make the ice cream from the basic ingredients. It can be really cheap and filling. You can customize it depending on what fruits you want as base of the ice cream and you can also select from their dozen of toppings available.


Feed your feet to the fishes

Their motto: “Feel weird but nice”, enough said. Make sure you go to one that changes the water regularly to avoid any infections or disease. It is a unique experience, and would leave your feet feeling like a baby's bottom (well, maybe not).

There's really a lot of amazing things this place has to offer. But for me, nothing beats Angkor Wat. It is for me, one of the most amazing things that I have seen my entire life. Some other things you might be interested in: Cooking and Yoga Classes, The floating village, The Killing Field, and The Landmine Museum.


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Great post, sounds like a amazing time.


It definitely was! So many things to do in such a place.