Valletta & cruise ship

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Cruise ship leaves Valletta port (St.Elmo port).
#Valletta is the capital city of #Malta; one of the Mediterranean island. Also Valletta is very small so you do not need to use a bus when you get there.
This photo are taken from siege bell that is war memorial!

you can see our #valettaguide 👇🏻


All photos are taken by my ILCE-6000 camera
All contents are mine and original @nasel


Wonderful image from valltta and cruise ship

Thankful !

Do you know #Binance is going to Malta? And do you know that most of ships registered in #Malta because of their good law regulations?!

Good information! Thanks!

It is very beautiful and blueful scene.. like spraying the blue color on the photos..💙 thank you for sharing these..

Your comment is kindly💓thanks dear!

Yes, It is your good job. Your camera & your mind is like this photo. Mr. @nasel thanks from @hamidul

Thanks, but I’m Ms.😊

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