The Beautiful City of Tehran

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Tehran is believed to be one of the largest metropolitan city of the world, though I am not very sure of this, but all said and done this city the capital of Iran is a very gorgeous city with lots of natural beauty adding up the grace to this place.
The famous Mount Damavand the highest point in the country is truly captivating. The story of Mount Damavand is very unique, it is believed that the monster king of the olden times Zohak has been chained up in these mountains. Whole day Zohak chews up the chain to free himself but every morning when the cock gives its first shout the chain again thickens up. They believe the day the Cock does not shout Zohak will be free and he will destroy the world. I believe that this story is a metaphor to evil against the good.

Tehran has a lot of natural beauty plus some many interesting sites to visit like the Museum of Royal Jewels, The Tehran Bazaar (Market), The Golestan Palace, Archaeological Museums, Azadi Square, Some Ancient Shrines and the most famous Fire and Water Park.

Let me share a few pictures of the City with you.

This is the Azadi Square, very famous tower in Tehran. The Tower has combining elements of both pre- and post-Islamic architecture. This Tower was designed to pay a tribute to the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.


The Gorgeous Damavand Mountain range. In this one the clouds have covered the top of the mountain.


The landscapes in the outskirts of Tehran City


These views truly made me feel I am so blessed to witness such divine beauty of nature.

The outskirts are beautiful and so is the city. This is the view of the city from top of a foot bridge.


The whole city is filled up with flowers of all different types. Beautiful Roses, Marigolds, Tulips...



The famous Water and Fire Park. Though the Fire and water show has been stopped since around 2 years but still this is one of the most happening place in the City. There is a nature bridge called Tabalat bridge which connects this park to another nature park at the other end. The lighting effect on the bridge gives all the show. We could visit the Park in day and night time. Both had its own beauty. Day time we could enjoy the Garden and night time the lighting.

The bridge at night time with the lighting


We enjoyed the Sunset from the Bridge


Finally to wind up the day we visited a Traditional restaurant where they had live entertaining band and a grand layout. The music was in Arabic, we did not understand but we enjoyed the rhythms, as so rightly said musuc has no language.


The seating layout is unique, which is common in Arabic culture but still nowadays we dont find it much.


The staff also had a very cute traditional dressing.


In all it was a wonderful experience visiting Tehran.
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of the City.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Wow, the park around the monument looks wonderful! When working as a language instructor back in the 70's (left 3 months before the revolution) a student of mine lived just off the square. No greenery back then.

The Iranian people were one of the most charming peoples met on my travels during that period. The beautiful mountains north of the city were my weekend get away. 😎

👁❤ Iran

That's nice to know you have lived there. What stories I have heard from people is that those times were really wonderful for them. Before I travelled to Iran I had a very different picture of it in my mind (not very good), but after being there it has completely changed. It's such a beautiful place. The beauty of this place is truly captivating.

That is certainly my memory as well. 👍

Beautiful, somewhere I'll never get to visit with an American passport 🙄

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Oh yes and for me it'll be a challenge to get a U.S. visa in future. Though I have had 1 before so I am hopeful it may not really br much of a hassle.

Tehran is a very beautiful city and Iran is a mighty country too @nainaztengra
Full of rich culture and history and they are thriving despite of hardships done by the USA government.

Truly it's a majestic place. I think they are thriving only because they are put in hard conditions by U.S.

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feels good to see you were in Iran