Why Flight Attendants Keep Their Arms Behind Their Backs When Greeting Passengers

in #travel5 years ago

Welcome Aboard

If you've ever stepped foot on an airplane to travel somewhere, you've noticed how polite and well put together the cabin crew is as you board. Have you noticed their hands are ALWAYS behind their backs?

What's Back There?

Well there's actually something they're holding back there...and no it's not a taser in case of terrorists.

How Many Passengers?

The cabin crew are in charge of counting every passenger that boards the plane, and generally takes place once you've sat in your seat.

The Counter

But for the times they don't count while walking down your aisle, it's because they've used a counter as you walk on board. Clever right?


So that's why they do it! I guess they're trying to make sure they arn't carrying people they shouldn't be.

glad you get it :)

This has been trending on news websites lately, don't know why! anyway, upvoted :)

thanks buddy....

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