Arboretum (Sochi, Russia). Part 1. Upper park. Central alley

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Greetings, dear readers!

Outside the window - winter, the city is under siege of a snow storm, raging in earnest, and ice, because of which all the main roads are blocked, and the soul wants summer heat... And then I remember a truly Paradise, where, as it seems, reigns eternal summer.

And it is not so far away - in Sochi arboretum, where I happened to visit several times. I even lived there with my son in the guest house. I had a temporary pass for the duration of my stay. At the end of 90-ies Gennady Solntsev was the Director of the Arboretum, and our companies worked closely with each other.

And today I want to tell you a little about it, to spend on its shady alleys, fairy-tale parks, to show the magnificent architectural monuments, of which there is quite a lot. Well, yeah, that's beating around the Bush. Let's start our journey.

To get to the arboretum is not difficult. You can, of course, use the usual taxi, but - will be expensive. From the train station you can get to the Park and regular buses and minibuses. The final stop - "Circus". Then, after a few meters, we come to the outer gate of the Park.

By the way, the Sochi arboretum in 1933 was divided in two by the Spa Avenue, laid through it: there is the upper Park, where plants from all over the world are collected, and the lower, where you can basically meet our smaller brothers.

Entrance and in one and in another Park on the same ticket, and he acts during the day. But if you want you can purchase a monthly subscription at a cost of 2500 rubles.

The cost of a single ticket is 250 rubles for adults and 120 rubles for children from 7 to 14 years. For certain categories of citizens there are benefits. More information about the list of beneficiaries can be found on the website of the Arboretum. In principle,it does not differ from the benefits that are provided in other similar institutions.

For an additional fee, you can use services such as a sightseeing tour of the Park "arboretum" by electric car. And the cost of this ranges from 150 to 1050 rubles. depending on the workload of the machine.

Trips to the Aquarium and to the exhibition of butterflies will be charged separately at the venue.

The Park is open all day: from 8 am to 8 PM in summer and closes an hour earlier in winter.

Before entering the territory of the upper Park, admire the beautifully decorated entrance gate, the flower beds with exotic plants and flower slides in front of them. It seems that the fairy tale decided not to wait until you finally enter it, decided to meet you at the entrance. Suddenly, you will pass by and you will not see the beauty that she has prepared for you.


Isn't that impressive?

Not far from the entrance we see a monument to the founder of this reserve, hereditary nobleman Khudekov Sergey Nikolaevich.


Historical information:

S. N. Khudekov - playwright, editor and publisher of "Petersburg newspaper", the historian of the ballet, in 1892 year acquired personal property not far from Sochi, the plot of land on the southern slope of Bald mountain. Through his efforts, this area of wildlife has turned into an amazing Park of beauty and scientific value, which is located in the center of modern Sochi.

This amazing man often visited the Crimea and the Caucasus, as well as many European countries in search of seeds and cuttings of plants.

The arboretum he created was nationalized in 1921 and became the property of the state.

Currently, you can admire the ornamental plants collected from all over the world.

Next, we see The "Greek gazebo", made in the ancient style, with a small active fountain.


Decorated with the upper part of the gazebo and alley leading to it, the figures of animals.


Then we come to the fountain "Amur", admire its beauty and elegance and go further.


Going up the stairs leading to the estate "Nadezhda"(1899), we see on its terrace sculptural composition" Morning", which consists of sculptures of a fisherman, a boy with a fish, two shepherds and a Cockerel.


And here is the Villa itself, named after the wife of the founder of the Park - Nadezhda.


Next, our path lies to the fountain "Fairy Tale", which ends the first part of our journey through the Central part of the Park.

This fountain was built in the 60s of the last century. Sculptural group is a story of his work "the Tale of Tsar Saltan"by Pushkin. It consists of the figures of Princess Swan, located at the top of the pedestal. A little below we see the sculpture of Guidon, and at the bottom are 33 heroes, supporting a pedestal with the main characters of the tale.


At the corners of the perimeter surrounding the fountain, there are four swans who seem to keep their eyes on their Princess.

All this beautiful white arrangement is perfect for the backdrop of the lush crowns of the Kashmir cypress.

At this point, I will finish the first part of his story.

To be continued...

Thank you for your attention, see you soon!

With respect to you, @mrfantastis.

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