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Back in 2009, a friend introduced me to Naruto, and he said I just needed to watch it, realizing that i already played the game, I took his advice and the rest is history..
Months became years and i found myself all but addicted to this Asian phenomenon, i saved up most of my allowance just to purchase subsequent releases on DVD, found myself memorizing themes songs an even reading articles on wiki, i remember the first arc i watched was the Hidan and Kakuzu story arc, and the first opening theme i ever learned was Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimono Gakari, it always left me with a tear in my eye and before long my whole family caught on the craze..
Before long i became fascinated with the language they spoke, and i began to follow up NHK, just to learn more of it, soon after that i began to watch other anime, just to hear more of the Japanese language i love so much
all these just grew my passion and interest and since then, all I've ever wanted was to visit Japan, i heard stories about how everyone is really polite over there and big on respect, and how the Japanese people believe in turning around and closing the door properly before they exit a room as opposed to just slamming it from behind, and how you could leave your purse or handbag In public restaurant and still come back to meet it --- that's how safe the country is! now i know it has its downsides, but I'm fairly convinced i'd love to discover it for myself, I LOVE JAPAN

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