MY FIRST TRIP REPORT! Hiking and climbing / Mount Turska Gora

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Hello dear Steemians :)

This will be my first trip report. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Last year in July me and my cousin @shakazula went hiking in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.
For first night our destination was Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj ( 1,378 m or 4,521 ft ). At around 8 PM we parked our car in Logar Valley. IMG_3243.JPG
We started hiking and after 1 hour we reached Frischauf Lodge. We slept under the sky in our sleeping bags. Our destination for next morning was Mount Turska Gora ( 2,251 m or 7,385 ft ). We woke up at around 4 AM, ate breakfast and started hiking. After 1 hour we could enjoyed in this sunrise view.

Finnaly we came to couloir called Turski Zleb. This was the most exciting part of our trip. On a few sections the route is secured with steel ropes and pegs. Height difference from entrance and the ridge of couloir is about 300 m.
It's not so difficult route. In summer you only need good shoes and helmet. If you are afraid of heights I will recommend you to use via ferrata climbing set.
Mount Mrzla Gora
Top of the couloir is very tricky. At the higher section the steepness is about 50-55°. Steel ropes and pegs are gone. You have to walk on trail which get washed away by avalanches every year.
View from the top of couloir. After we came on the top we had around 30 min of hiking to our destination Turska Gora. We reached the top of the mountain around 7 AM. The weather was little windy but sunny so we could spent a lot of time on top.
@shakazula brought all his recording gear and shot short video on top.
View on Kamnik Saddle Lodge.

Our little black friend Jimmy :D

On the top we realized that the trail which will lead us down the mountain was closed because of the avalanche past winter. The only thing left was to get down safely throug the couloir. First thing when we came back at Frischauf Lodge at Okrešelj we bought ourselves nice cold beer.
View on Frischauf Lodge and Logar Valley.
Me and Shaka on our way down through the couloir :D

Shaka in action on the mountain top:

I hope you enjoyed this trip report!

Sorry for any spelling mistakes :D

See Ya soon & have a great time.


Austrians Should be grateful to God for granting Mountain Yang so good. The scenery is so beautiful and may be enjoyed.
With you showcasing the landscape photos, I really like to climb there.

you guys sure had fun
hiking is something i've always looked forward to trying someday

You definitely have to try it! :)

Wow, that trail looks kinda sketchy in a few places! But I’d climb it :) Thanks for sharing pictures. Glad you made a new friend Jimmy!

Hey! Welcome to Steemit!

Nice report i would like to add just one thing. Via ferrata kit is not just for people with height problem and everyone should wear it in Turski zleb! There has been too many killed in there already.

Imagine you are standing on that peg on the picture above and a rock falls on your head. Are you 100% sure that you will be able to hold yourself?

Stay safe and i'm looking forward to your next hiking trip! :)

Thank you :)
Yeah I know, but sometimes it's easier without via ferrata kit. I totally agree with you that safety is on first place.

Awesome dear keep it up I follow you and hope you will post more like this keep it up

Thanks :) yes I will. Stay tuned!

Nice! What a breathtaking view. I am sure your efforts are worth it upon reaching the top of your destination and having these stunning views of nature never made you feel tired. Great photography though.Take care :)

wow, that's good for a start dear, congratulations, hoping to see more of your travels.

my friend has been a wonderful travel post! You've done this very well.
and the photographer is exquisite !! very valuable work. I read it with pleasure!
Many thanks for sharing.
I will wait for more

Hiking, climbing and backpacking are the best ways of traveling. Always encountring unexpected scenery and having the most fun. Really envy you for this journey.

Wow, amazing adventure my brother..
Nice to meet you...

Excellent landscapes, very beautiful, and above all thanks for letting us know, there are many who can not make those walks

Great adventure tour guys :)
I'm happy so see more another mountaineer freaks here on Steemit... ;)
Be safe out there. ;)
Looking forward to see more stories from you :)

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