Tree Adventure Activity If you want to taste the adavorer, please come to Fatikchhari, Hazaraakhil Wildlife Sanctuary in Chittagong.

in travel •  2 years ago 

With tea gardens, jhiri path, there is a waterfall.

If trekking is practiced, Fatikchhari will be able to come out of the habitat with the route of the hill. No breakout for 4 hours trekking.




Fatikchhari Bibi hat will be taken from the oxygen bus in Chittagong (it will take 1.20 minutes, rent 40 per person)
Bibi hat to CNG by indigenous (time 30 minutes, rent 35 per person, reserve 180)
100 different adverti
B: Drink: Lunch must be ordered between 10.00am or not, or order order.

Do not throw garbage in there, throw dirt at the specified place.

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