Take a day to lauyachara-t estate- Madhavpur Lake-Jannatul Ferdous

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At the Srimangal, a CNG driver got a name. When he thinks enough to talk, he decides to take her for the whole day. Babul Miaar (CNG Driver) talked to Madhubkunda, Ham Ham Jharna, Lauyachara, Tea Estate, Madhabpur Lake, Jannatul Ferdous and where else can be seen. The wish was to visit Ham Ham waterfalls. But the spouses did not go there all the way. The reason for the arrival is that they will have to walk about 4-5 hours.


Anyway. Finally, the decision was made in Lauchara-Ti Estate-Madhabpur Lake-Jannatul Ferdous. At around 12.20 pm, we are going to the Lauyachara National Park. The distance from the city is just 7 kilometers. Feels like 15-20 minutes. After the distance from the city, the rubber garden in the meeting Planting of rubber plantation across a wide area. Those who have no idea about rubber cultivation can not believe that Rubber is available in such a way! Our CNG driver was also working as a guide and photographer at the same time as self-motivated.


At the end of the visit to Rabarabagan, in the National Park of Lauaychara. It is in Kamalganj upazila. Cut four tickets and go inside. 50 per head Half cost if there is a student card. There is also a car or honda parking facility inside. After entering inside, many rare and foreign trees were seen in the eyes. Tikoc is particularly memorable. After reaching a distance, the Dhaka-Sylhet railway line inside the garden. Here are the works of different movies. The scenes on the street are very beautiful. After the distance, the forest started. Unusual in one way.


Those who love adventures in the woods will enjoy 100 percent fun in this garden. Usually, visitors do not want to go too far into the narrow path. However, we go above the top of a lot with many inside and main roads. However, we decided to come back again as we did not get the proper way to walk. Then you can see lemon gardens, gardens, Khasia palli. Khasia Palli is really beautiful. But it is better to have an experienced person or guide while walking around the park. Otherwise, it should not get into the forest on a narrow path from a thick road. It may move around the same area as the sphere.


After entering the garden, always have to be careful about the leech. You can keep the salt or go with it. We have to pay a little bit of dont care while going. After attacking the two of our two, they climbed up on a narrow path. Although after taking it after a lot of time. After about an hour after taking a hip, my friend saw the blood on the pants on my ankle, and after seeing me, I saw that the leech was consumed by arbitrarily blood. But sometimes bleeding has erupted from wounds.


Out of the park, they left for Nurjahan T estet. One of the finest among the tea gardens of Srimangal is this estate. Before reaching there you will see pineapple garden and lime garden. Pineapple and pineapple across a huge huge hill. They will take another one and a half months to soak them. So we did not have the good fortune to eat pineapple from the field. And the coconut is cultivated at the base of each lemon. Naga pepper There should be caution when entering these pineapple gardens, otherwise there is a possibility of cutting pineapple sharp sharp leaves.
Then Nurjahan Tea Estate Excellent in one word. I saw many tea gardens in Sylhet. But in comparison to the tea gardens here, they are almost negligible. See also the tea workers. Two pages can understand how difficult it is to live a life of these workers, who have heard about their wages.

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