One day you can visit Kaptai Bairina Lake In Bangladesh.

in travel •  2 years ago 

Enjoying the beauty of the Kaptai Lake, you can also take Kayaking in lake water while sitting on the Lake of Bairnana Lake. And the scenes of Kaptai Lake on the hillside and on the other side of the hills and road from Bacchina Lake to Bairinna Lake will impress anyone. Litchi can be bought from the road, from the tree litchi.



How to go: From Chittagong Bahaddarhat to Kaptai Jetighat bus will go to Kaptai new market up to 65 rupees. From the new market, reserve the CNN for Bariñana Lake, Tk 250-300. Kayaking 2 kayak per hour 300 rupees and 3 people worth 400 rupees. At the time of return, the new market will be available before 6pm or will have to wait till 8.30 for the Dhaka-bound bus or Chittagong.



It is our duty to protect our environment and tourism areas. So, there is never too bad to waste the beauty and environment of the tourism area by putting garbage there.

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