# CUFL Road, Chittagong. The way to the park beaches..............

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But then Sonal's life was over. I have to wait a year for regret!
I was waiting for the color of the surrounding black and golden colors. I got to the signal the first time to get the signal, with some suspicion. 'I'm going to see a road' - I will go to the park as I know everyone else as a backup, without any hesitation in this proposal. But I got off the road, I did not go unnoticed! The rest of the picture will say :-D


From New Market or any other place in Chittagong, take a free port / kathgadh on a local bus, then from there go to Neval in Tempu and go to local boat with 15 noon CUFL Ghat. From there you can see this road in front of the road. And if you want to come up with a lot of Comfort, you can catch my route. From the other side of the Karnafuli Shah Amanat Bridge (Meijjartak), the first Chattori Choumuhani in the local CNG, from there to the local Ninejite Ghat again. Rent 20 + 25 taka


Do not take too long to walk the whole road. In the rest of the day, you can easily navigate the Park Sea Beach and Neville in the afternoon. Just make the plan faster. Pictures are April 30th. And the yellow red reserves of this day will not be seen throughout this road.

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