My new life: vanlife! ✌️😊🚐

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I disappeared from social media and Steemit for a while ... I needed this time for myself and my family. We were still traveling the world and a little boy joined our family :)
During this time, the world was changed by the Covid 19 pandemics ...



We found a way to keep traveling. We bought a bus and converted it to a campervan, which we have been driving around Europe for over 2 months. Now we are in Portugal.
Anyone want to see news and pictures from vanlife of family of four? 😉
Of course, I am still cooking healthy and there will be plenty of recipes and inspiration for healthy eating.

Who is with me?

Moni 💙


Can't wait to see the photos you take along your journey!

I hope you will enjoy! 😊

Welcome back @monika-homa. Glad to have you here.

Hello! Thank you 😊

How is dominik, hope he is in good health and super glad if both of you can come back here like old time. I believe you already heard about hive, you also got the airdrop equal amount of your SP. Many of whales already moved to that platform.

Glad to see you...

la primera foto es espectacular!!!👌

te dejo una foto de mi furgoneta en España 😉

enter image description here

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