RE: Quick Trip Update: My Bicycle Was Stolen in London

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Quick Trip Update: My Bicycle Was Stolen in London

in travel •  3 months ago

Oh no! I've experienced that sinking feeling when I went to the garage and my partner's bike that he saved money for a year to buy was stolen. The thief went to jail but we haven't recovered the bike. In Minneapolis, bikes are stolen everyday. I used to sleep in the same room as my bike to keep it safe and never left it locked outdoors overnight. I've grown to trust more and I keep it in the garage now.

Best wishes to you. I look forward to more of your stories, including cycling stories in the future :)

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That's the first thing I thought when I woke up that day "why didn't I remove the wheels and brought it to the room?" then I went down stairs and it was gone =/

Adventure will continue for sure!