Rainbow Bridge - Tokyo

in travel •  2 years ago 

Last year July me and my boyfriend traveled to Tokyo. We found out about this spot and decided to go late in the evening so we could get some nightlife shots. It was pretty quiet down there so we had all the space to take some pictures. We used long exposure to make the water look smooth.

We left at around 23:30 and almost missed our last metro to go back to our Airbnb but it was definitely worth going to there!


Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: Canon F/1.8 50mm
Location: Odaiba Seaside Park, Tokyo
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It looks amazing - really want to go to this city ! Upvote :)


Thank you! It's a great city to visit. It's very structured, clean and the Japanese people are very friendly :)

Awesome bridge!

what a beautiful shot.. stunning


Thank you :)


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